Dear Parents / Facilitator,

Parents & Centre Interaction Platform or OPCIP:

is the most unique and innovative offer from us for our business partners to whom this will impart the required market edge and it’s a wonderful gift to those parents ,whose children’s are under their holistic development process in our I Play I Learn Centers . OPCIP has been set-up as an online interface between the I Play I Learn Centre and the Parents’.

Conceptualized to impart an opportunity to all the stake holders to be apprised of the teaching –learning transaction process. In a Preschool, where our key objective we are continuously working towards the holistic development of the young learners, it becomes imperative on our part to keep the parents apprised of the process. The learning development phenomenon in the Child is being supervised and closely monitored in an I Play I Learn Pre-School by a systematic process. Our efforts would be half done unless we partner the parents in all the aspects of learning, and it becomes pertinent that the parents do get equally involved in understanding the learning process of the child and play their role in a systematic manner to further enhance the overall efforts of I Play I Learn. The two ways partnership shall go a long way resulting in the all round development of every child in a I Play I Learn centre.

This platform is finally been able to serve one of our key objective to involve the parents in their kids development process at our pre-school and as such, henceforth our Parents have the opportunity to access online the entire teaching and learning process, which their little ones are experiencing in the I Play I Learn centre.

In order to cater to the above fact it is essential that parents are kept apprised about the learning methodologies, which their children’s are undergoing sequentially. Also equal impetus has been laid to ensure that the facilitator conducting the learning transaction, do so systematically and in line with the academic guidelines laid down by the I Play I Learn Pedagogy, which integrates sequential learning and developmental assessments.

With warm regards,
I Play I Learn Team.
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